As much as we’re able, we apply systems thinking to our own work, we take seriously how we ‘show up’ in community, we stand up for equity and against supremacy of all kinds, and our service-delivery model is based on network principles.

Principles for:

sumApp development

Social System Mapping

  • Start with the humans – the fundamental unit of analysis
    • Highlight connectedness
    • Highlight the gifts they bring and areas where those gifts would make a difference
    • Highlight the dynamics of relevant differences

Our business model

  • Relationships first
    • Grew out of marriage
    • Catalyzed by a friendship
    • Prototyped in community
    • It’s all about relationships
    • Visualizes relationships
    • Is spread by relationships
    • Is implemented in relationships
  • Systems Thinking next
    • Understand and situate ourselves as a hub in an ecosystem – not as a universe unto ourselves
    • Attend not only to the relationships, but to the larger social systems that we’re able to impact as well as the systems that impact us.
      • How our economic model does/doesn’t shift economic systems
      • etc.
  • Ourselves